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Expand your TV advertising with the power of paid search

March 2017

We know that TV commercials can help you reach a broad audience. However, those consumers may be passively watching your commercial or even distracted when your commercial airs. What happens when consumers are ready to act and connect with your brand? 

That’s where search comes in. Search picks up where your TV advertising leaves off! It allows you to reach audiences who are actively looking for your product, service or brand. Use paid search to leverage the brand awareness and buzz your commercials create, while also delivering persuasive, targeted messaging that’s consistent with your larger campaign. 

Our Value of Search: Search and TV eBook can help you be there when consumers go from passive viewers to active searchers. Read the eBook to learn more about:

  • How TV advertising and the second screen experience are growing.
  • How TV commercials affect search volume. 
  • How brands and their competitors are bidding on branded search terms.
  • What tools and tips will help you prepare and manage your search campaigns.
To see more digital marketing insights, trends and tips, view or download our Value of Search: Search and TV eBook.


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