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Dispelling 3 Myths of Modern Marketing

June 2019

More Data, Fewer Myths, Smarter Customer Journeys

One thing is for sure: the consumer decision journey is more complex than ever before. The average consumer now owns 3 – 4 devices and uses multiple online and offline channels throughout their shopping journeys.

In this landscape filled with constant change and disruption, it can be very difficult for marketers to keep up. What works? What doesn’t? What’s hype? What’s real? As today’s marketers work to create smarter journeys, they are turning to data for answers.

This white paper leverages internal data from both Microsoft Advertising and Rise Interactive to help today’s marketers create smarter customer journeys. It takes a deep dive into 3 of today’s common myths and finds that sometimes the hype doesn’t always match the truth. For instance:

  • Do desktops still play a role in the CDJ?
  • Are today’s marketers overcomplicating the CDJ?
  • Is voice really the next big thing?

Smarter journeys start with finding the facts and dispelling the myths. Join Microsoft Advertising and Rise Interactive as we take a closer look at 3 myths that could be lurking in your campaigns.

 Download here