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Discover how to reach online auto insurance buyers

November 2018

When it comes to marketing to auto insurance consumers, the number of digital channels seem limitless. Insurance marketers have such enormous amounts of digital data and online ad analytics at their fingertips, that it is often difficult to unpack this data and uncover the behavioral relationship between search, visits, and outcomes like switching providers or signing up for a new policy. How to use this data data to uncover the consumer’s relationship with insurance providers and search’s role in their decision journey? To help understand the customer digital journey in auto insurance, Bing Ads, in partnership with Luth Research, is excited to bring you “Auto Insurance Online Path to Purchase.”

  • Knowledge seeking mode: Consumers signal a desire for information and show an openness to messages pointing to relevant information, such as “Best Value in Indiana” or “Retiree’s Guide to FL Auto Insurance.” Search by brand name confirms the consumer use of search to navigate to the brand. The consumer is destination-focused and finds concise messaging useful: “Switch and Save Big.” This is also an opportunity to present the consumer with brand reinforcement messages.
  • Purchase mode: Consumers are close to the buy and respond to purpose-focused and relevant messages like “Switch and Save,” “Bundle and Save,” “Value-priced Auto Insurance Designed for Credit Recovery.”
  • Maintenance mode: Most of us are in this mode most of the time. Incumbent insurer messages should pair value with brand reinforcement, like “bundle home and auto insurance and We’ll Save you Money”, “Reliable Value from a Committed Partner”, and “Keep a Clean Driving Record, Get a Safe Driver Loyalty Reward”. Switching messages to attract consumers in maintenance mode must focus on value and simplicity – “Switching is Simple and Will Save You Money.” Aggregators are another opportunity to reach consumers. Search terms that seek answers, messages via aggregators have more room since the consumer is seeking the information. Marketer’s mission is still the same - presenting the consumer with the right messages and opportunities in that moment.

These reports leverage Luth Research’s patent-pending ZQ Intelligence™ behavioral data.

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