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Cybersecurity & antivirus insights

December 2021

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Search volume for cybersecurity is elevated over pre-COVID 2020 estimates, and this positive momentum is expected to continue through the end of the year.

Microsoft Advertising Insights found that when shopping for software, users search with action-driven terms such as “protect” and “secure,” and more than a fifth of consumers are searching for free security software. Cover keywords using this terminology to ensure you're reaching users who are ready to engage with security software and tools.

We also found that consumers are searching for security and antivirus terms in three distinct ways that often overlap: proactively, reactively, and for specific software and tools. Most non-brand searches are proactive in nature, meaning users are ready to take steps towards engaging with security providers. Reactive queries are more likely to happen in a single search, while proactive consumers do more research — providing more opportunities to reach them.

Download the insights for top keyword themes, user demographics, and additional tips to reach your audience.

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