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Create smarter customer journeys

July 2019

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The adoption of technology across the buyer journey is reshaping consumer expectations. Today’s consumers expect more than just relevance. They want seamless, non-disruptive experiences. They want highly personalized interactions that deliver tangible value. And when it comes to their data and privacy, they rightly demand that it be protected.

Marketers face increasing pressure to meet these consumer mandates while balancing the art and science of short-term sales and long-term brand development. Those who succeed are sprinting ahead of their competitors. These top-performing marketers are focused on a better understanding of the customer decision journey (CDJ) and improving their marketing based on that understanding, making more informed decisions, and improving customer engagement through a data-driven approach.

We recently conducted a series of comprehensive interviews and an online survey of marketers and agencies across companies of all sizes and industry verticals. As part of our study, we established a baseline to assess marketers’ customer-focus maturity, in order to define a blueprint for success.

In this eBook, you’ll discover exactly what makes a top-performing marketer and get a blueprint for marketing success that will help you elevate your game and join their ranks.

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