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COVID trends in the CPG vertical

July 2021

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Last year was an unpredictable experience for retailers. We’re starting to see the economy re-open for in-store shopping, and early signals suggest consumer purchases are shifting back to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, Retail sales dropped 1.3% in May as pandemic shopping habits shifted toward service-based industries. Multiple consumer packaged goods (CPG) products, however, still seem to be on the rise. Microsoft Advertising Insights examined online search behaviors of multiple CPG sub-categories to determine what products we expect to see in high demand in the near future.

We first looked at beauty and personal care products and are predicting that most personal hygiene product searches will soon rise to levels we haven’t seen since February 2020. Why? Because as people continue to feel safer leaving their house and the economy re-opens, we expect demand for products such as make-up to start to increase again.

In our analysis we also looked at search behavior trends for food and beverage products, household supplies and pet supplies. Download the insights to find out what we predict search volume to look like for these products.

 Download the insights