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Braving digital transformation

December 2016

Organizations and businesses across the planet are facing disruption on a scale and pace never seen before in human history. Learn how marketing leaders and businesses can keep pace with new technological advancements, and ultimately build more sustainable and profitable customer relationships with new marketing technology. Download the entire eBook or listen to our Braving Digital Transformation audio book on-the-go.

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eBook – Braving Digital Transformation: The modern marketing multi-tool

The new Braving Digital Transformation eBook from Bing Ads provides four chapters of insights — and quite a few doses of reality. Discover how businesses like yours can keep up with new technological advancements and embrace modern marketing technology to engage, acquire and retain customers.

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Chapter 1 – Disruption: the new reality

Modern marketers must reach customers across multiple screens with increasingly personalized experiences. Learn how organizations must adapt to grow and thrive in a world of exponential advancements in technology.

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Chapter 2 – Evolving with the digital consumer

No longer highly influenced by brand identification and labels, today’s consumers are increasingly inclined to move nimbly across digital platforms. Listen to how conversational experiences, bots, augmented reality and big data – all powered by search – can help solve new marketing challenges.

Chapter 3 – Search: marketing’s multi-functional tool for the digital age

What are the elements of search that make it so uniquely valuable compared to other marketing instruments? Explore how search derives insights driven by intent, allowing predictive possibilities.


Chapter 4 – The transformative marketer’s guide to the search “Swiss Army knife

To get the fullest advantage from the versatile tool that is search, digital marketers must reframe search as an operational tool to search as a strategic asset. Learn behavioral shifts that marketing leaders and organizations must take on to thrive in the era of digital disruption.