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Forecasting the return to ‘normalcy’ in 2021

May 2021

  • Article
  • Research
  • Retail

As the United States begins to reopen, what can Americans expect in terms of a “new normalcy?” That was the question Microsoft Advertising Insights started with to hypothesize upcoming trends you can expect to see occur in the next few months. We examined search behavior for many retail categories to produce forecasts on what queries will continue to rise. These forecasts compared the expected search volume without the effect of COVID-19 against three other forecasts that vary in the amount of weight on COVID-19 case data.

Our research can be condensed to four main takeaways:

  • Office interest is increasing with changes to workplace models as businesses are opening back up.
  • People are spending money to revamp their home spaces.
  • Consumers are still wanting to be safe and remain in low contact situations.
  • Searchers are looking for convenience in their everyday lives.

To learn more about what the most common queries were in each category above, download the insights. Our analysis can provide helpful tips and tricks to better reach your clients with the right keywords.

 Download the insights