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Creating a customer-centric strategy for success

Marketers face increasing pressure to meet consumer demand for more personalized, seamless experiences. They are required to create a marketing strategy that successfully leverages significant volumes of customer data plus cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to better engage customers and understand and fulfill intent.

The marketers who are succeeding are being rewarded with greater customer engagement and a higher ROI.

We recently conducted a series of comprehensive interviews and an online survey of marketers and agencies across companies of all sizes and industry verticals to understand how marketers were leveraging data and then applying AI technology to improve customer engagement and marketing performance.

What we uncovered was a blueprint for how marketing leaders – strategists in companies of all sizes and industry verticals that we call ‘high performers’ –are creating a more effective data strategy to understanding the customer decision journey (CDJ) and then applying AI technology to improve the customer experience.

In this eBook, you’ll discover exactly what makes a high performing data-driven marketer, what benefits they are experiencing in increased customer engagement, sales and ROI and get a blueprint for success that will help you elevate your game and join their ranks.

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