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Accelerating Brand Performance Through Trust, Love, and Loyalty

June 2020

  • Research
  • White paper
We set out to discover what trust means to consumers, especially the role it plays in driving purchase consideration and business value. We wanted to understand how brands can uniquely leverage trust to acquire and retain consumers. 

Our research findings highlight one universal truth - that consumers expect brands to provide value and align to their values. Brands that put building trust at the center of their business decisions will be best positioned to build long-term loyalty with today’s values-minded consumer. In fact, a staggering 85% of consumers say they will consider a brand if they trust the brand.

Through our research, we see evidence of the positive correlation between trust, love, and loyalty. More interestingly, we see that trust didn’t just play a role in whether consumers purchased from a brand, but also how much established trust increased brand consideration and business growth.
Diagram showing purchase consideration at the intersection of loyalty, trust, and love.

The findings can also be incorporated into business strategy, marketing collateral, and advertising campaigns. Download the whitepaper today to get a deep dive into the 7 key takeaways, and how you can apply it to your business goals today.