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As the world navigates the road to recovery, small businesses have a big opportunity to reach more customers and grow with the right marketing. Microsoft Advertising reaches over half a billion people worldwide every month. That’s about 1.5 times the size of the US population. This massive reach also translates into more customers at a local level.


share of the U.S. desktop search market

6.4 billion

monthly desktop searches on the Microsoft Search Network

46 million

desktop searchers not reached on Google

109 million

unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network

At a modern restaurant, a man with a hat on sits on a bench and points at a plate with tacos while smiling away from the camera.

Connect with people ready to engage and transact

Unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network spend 23% more online than the average internet searcher.

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Emerging small business trends for COVID recovery

Make the most of your digital marketing campaigns. Explore the latest trends and digital marketing solutions for small businesses.

A sweet success story

Using Microsoft Advertising small business solutions, Santa Barbara Chocolate increased their revenue by 315% in less than a year.


A man with a blue apron smiles while holding his coffee and working on a laptop computer.
In a recording studio, a man sits holding an electric guitar while a woman sitting in front of a microphone points away from the camera.

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Learn how Microsoft Advertising helped drive 70% revenue growth for Simply Speakers.



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