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Expanding the reach and scope of Automotive Ads

A woman sitting in the back of a car uses a tablet.

It’s been a year since we first announced our marquee ad experience for automotive advertisers known as Automotive Ads. While the challenges of the automotive industry continued this past year, the opportunities for automotive advertisers have never been greater. Based on recent research, search interest in automotive is at an all-time high, and there’s a gap in ad coverage that is yet to be filled. Thankfully, Microsoft Advertising has expanded our Automotive Ads footprint to empower you all to take advantage of these opportunities and deliver more rich automotive ad experiences to more consumers.

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Video of Automotive Ads feature overview.

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Tutorial on how to set up Automotive Ads.

New markets and placements for Automotive Ads

First and foremost, we’re excited to announce that Automotive Ads are now in open beta for all advertisers globally! We’ve seen great success with advertisers in the North America and Europe markets, and now advertisers in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America markets can be activated for Automotive Ads once they set up a feed.

Furthermore, the number of placements in which Automotive Ads are showing up has continued to grow. In addition to the Bing search, image, and video results pages, Automotive Ads are now displaying in places like the Microsoft Audience Network, Windows search bar, and the Microsoft Autos Marketplace. You’ll also start seeing them soon on our search partners like Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo.

If you’re looking for other ways to amplify your visual storytelling, be sure to check out our blog post here.

Example view of Automotive Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network.

View of Microsoft Autos Marketplace. For information on getting your free listings here, reach out to

What else is coming to Automotive Ads in the future?

The expansions of Automotive Ads will continue throughout this year. For one, we’ll soon be supporting new vehicle types such as motorcycles and recreational vehicles (RVs). Second, to support additional financing options for consumers searching for cars, we’ll be adding monthly pricing and leasing options. Finally, we’ll also be doing more iterations to the ad itself so that you can add more visuals and attributes to your Automotive Ads, including attributes for those looking to advertise electric vehicles.

We’re excited to expand this ad type to advertisers! For more information on Automotive Ads, you can see our help page. If you’re interested in participating in the beta, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising representative to learn more or contact our support team to be enabled.

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