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Celebrating our partners

Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration.

One of the key benefits of joining the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program is being recognized for your achievements. Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration is a bi-annual initiative that showcases the outstanding and creative work of our partners. This initiative is open to all enrolled Partner tier members worldwide and honors them with three awards.

This half, we saw some impressive nominations from our partner community across the globe and are very excited to announce the winners!

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April 2023 Winner

April 2023 Winner

April 2023 Winner

Awarded to the Partner that showed the most growth through revenue, new accounts, and/or certifications in the previous 6-12 months.
Awarded to the Partner who fostered diversity, equity, inclusion, opportunity, or philanthropy within their organization, in their client strategy, and/or community.
Awarded to the Partner who adopted and championed a new feature for the highest impact and results possible.

September 2022 winner

September 2022 winner

September 2022 winner

The celebrated partners from September 2022 and April 2023 are also in the running to claim the title of Global Emerging Partner of the year based on their overall performance, growth, engagement, and feature adoption.

We’re pleased to announce that our Global Emerging Partner of the Year is

Wriggle Marketing logo.

We had the opportunity to talk to the CEO/Founder at Wriggle Marketing, Nick Gianfreda, and Head of Paid Search, Dion Williams.

About Wriggle Marketing

Wriggle Marketing is a return on investment (ROI) focused digital marketing agency. Founded in 2014, we’ve grown fast by offering honest advice and tailored strategies across various mediums. We’ve also added Microsoft Advertising management to our services, boosting the digital performance of businesses of all sizes.

Their mission and vision

Our mission is to provide our clients with a solid and consistent ROI through digital campaigns that are tailored to them whilst developing a relationship allowing us to work with them and not for them. We provide data-driven results by creating strong partnerships, embracing innovative strategies, and adopting new features.

On fostering culture and giving back to the community

One of the ways we’ve fostered culture and community is by visiting clients on site to pitch the benefits of Microsoft advertising. By meeting with clients face-to-face, we’ve been able to build stronger relationships and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and goals. This has allowed us to tailor our marketing strategies to their specific needs, resulting in more effective campaigns and increased customer satisfaction.

We’ve also focused on giving back to our local community by speaking at local schools, such as St. Mary’s. By sharing our knowledge and expertise with students, we hope to inspire the next generation of marketers and entrepreneurs.

Beyond these initiatives, we’ve tried to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in our organization. This includes offering training and resources on topics such as Imposter Syndrome and Reflective Supervision for all employees. By promoting a healthy culture, we believe that we can attract and retain top talent, as well as build stronger relationships with clients and members of our local community.

Through engaging with clients, teaching at local schools, and promoting our culture, we hope to build stronger relationships and make a positive impact.

Success with Microsoft Advertising

Our biggest success with Microsoft is the diversity it brings to our business and clients. Microsoft Advertising enables us to cover a range of demographics and user bases, which in turn benefits our clients. We can target numerous sectors and verticals from Footwear to Prints and even Engineering. This has benefited both our e-commerce clients as well as those that focus on lead generation and brand awareness.

Pictures of team members at Wriggle Marketing.

Thank you and congratulations to the Wriggle Marketing team!

Read more about Wriggle Marketing →

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