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Winners of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Sweepstakes

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At the end of 2021, we had announced the Microsoft Advertising Partner Sweepstakes, offering partners a chance to win prizes like an Xbox Series X game console and digital gift cards. We received hundreds of entries from Microsoft Advertising Partners in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Netherlands.

Official prizewinners

Here are all the prizewinners from the sweepstakes:

Grand prize: Xbox Series X game console and $50 credit to Gifts for Good donation platform.

  • My Ha (Blue Wheel Media, North America)
  • Robert Dorsey (SimplePart, North America)
  • Nancy Cloutier (Adept Marketing, North America)
  • Stephen Kaufman (Click Here Digital, North America)
  • Valerie Harris (Dealer Inspire, North America)
  • Erik Storm (Digital Opptur AS, EMEA)
  • Joeri de Vries (Gyzs, EMEA)
  • Jannik Pohl (adcologne GmbH, EMEA)
  • Robin Bush (Seed Publicity, EMEA)
  • Adam Bojanczyk (Smarketer GmbH, EMEA)

First prize: $200 digital gift card and $50 credit to Gifts for Good donation platform.

  • Alex Melen (SmartSites, North America)
  • Phoebe Holford (Mabo, EMEA)
  • Michael Wallace (Kenzie Academy, North America)
  • Maren Aarstad (Octi, EMEA)
  • Sarah Russell (EducationDynamics, North America)
  • Ole Konrad Tønset ( AS, EMEA)
  • Kevin Lee (AdMachines, North America)
  • Daniel Franco (HEMA, EMEA)
  • Brittany Piper (ChoiceLocal, North America)
  • Charlotte Merrington (Zelst Ltd, EMEA)

Early bird prize: $75 digital gift card (awarded to the first 20 individuals to submit valid entries) and $25 credit to Gifts for Good donation platform.

  • Sue Chen (Essence Global)
  • Pooja Ghariwala (Translate By Humans)
  • Jeremy Krantz (Radancy)
  • Amelia Morris (CW Marketing)
  • Stephanie Kegalj (DDB Canada)
  • Ryan Skidmore (Greenbank Holidays Ltd.)
  • Courtney Mullen (WPP)
  • Mohamed Shaikh (Learning Technologies Group (UK) Limited)
  • Cory Morrison (Resolution Agency)
  • Daniela Soares (Sainsbury’s - Argos)
  • Cody Lightfuss (Starkey)
  • Antonios-Ivan Karalazos (KG Media)
  • Jens Dünzl (argutus)
  • James Webster (Impression)
  • Marnix Bakker (Nochii Online Marketing)
  • Ahmed Chopdat (Circus PPC)
  • Jasper Kuperus (Maxlead)
  • Stuart Mitchell (Yello Studio)
  • Daniel Franco (HEMA)
  • Joeri de Vries (Gyzs)

See more sweepstakes details or reach out to for additional information.

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