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Learn new ways to reach active Healthcare consumers

A woman with a white lab coat sits in a lab doing research with a microscope.

Self-Care Enthusiasts on Microsoft Advertising behave differently than the average internet user, and understanding those differences can help you reach them.

These Enthusiasts are:

  • 52% more likely to consider themselves brand loyalists.
  • 66% more likely to consider themselves shopaholics.
  • 25% more likely to be researching health issues/healthcare products.

In this session, you’ll learn how this data can help you plan for more successful ad outcomes. A team of Microsoft Advertising industry experts will share research and analytics relevant to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. You’ll leave with a curated list of insights, helpful product features, and actionable resources to maximize your business’s performance.

You will walk away with:

  • Insights into the Self-Care Enthusiast and their online behavior
  • Tips on preparing for a cookie-less future
  • Ideas to target and authentically engage with audiences

Register now for this event and start planning successful ads.

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