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Stephanie Worley

Senior Content Strategist, Microsoft Advertising

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Searching for love? Prep your Valentine’s Day ad campaigns for 2017!

When it comes to shopping in the name of love, people aren’t afraid to spend money. Retailers went gaga over $19.7 billion in Valentine’s Day sales last year.1 Show some love to your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns this Valentine’s Day; If you don’t, you’ll be missing a big opportunity to generate leads and revenue in Q1 2017.

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#BingAdsStories: Showroom Logic drives more shoppers to dealerships

In the latest Bing Ads Customer Success Story, one search engine marketing company answers one very important question: How do we help our clients target the best customers? Showroom Logic, builder of its own digital marketing platform, tapped into the Bing Ads audience of highly qualified buyers to get higher conversion rates at lower costs — especially for its clients in the automotive industry. “We ran a comparison test of 228 active Bing accounts and saw tremendous results,” says VP of...

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#BingAdsStories: Motoroso revs up with help from Bing Ads

Bing Ads brings results for small businesses, digital marketing agencies and now: car-lovers. It’s true; the latest Bing Ads Customer Success Story features CEO and lifelong car enthusiast Alex Littlewood, who has seen “more targeted, more refined, better traffic for a better price” with Bing Ads. The team at Motoroso – a market network where automotive enthusiasts can find ideas, get inspiration and plan their restoration projects and creations – uses tools like Bing Ads Editor to...

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#BingAdsStories: Page Zero Media hits its target CPA

What does a search engine marketing (SEM) agency have in common with Chinese jump rope? Mona Elesseily, a childhood player and innovator of the game, can tell you in our latest Bing Ads Customer Success Story. Mona and Andrew Goodman head up Page Zero Media, a search marketing agency that has been using its pay-per-click expertise to maximize client return on investment for over a decade. In this installment of customer stories, Page Zero Media uses Bing Ads to hit an ambitious...

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