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Stein Broeder

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, Microsoft Advertising

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Webcast: The Art and Science of AI + Creativity

Creating better experiences for your customers is not about relying on AI. At a time of advancing automation, creativity remains the essential differentiator. Discover how market leaders are increasing engagement by anticipating customer behavior.

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Webcast: The Art and Science of Audience Marketing (+LinkedIn)

Get up to speed on how Microsoft Advertising can connect your data with the power of Microsoft intelligence and layer in audience targeting, to help you pinpoint your target customers. Join our webcast and learn which features are the best for you.

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Webcast: The Art and Science of Search + Native

Are you looking to increase customer engagement and campaign ROI? Register for our webcast and learn how combining search with native ads can broaden your reach and help you connect with the right customers at the right moment.

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Webcast: The Art and Science of Customer Centricity

Do want to make smarter data-driven decisions? Register for our webcast and discover what makes a top-performing marketer. You'll also learn how to use data and AI to increase engagement and campaign performance, to jump ahead of the competition.

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Webcast: The Art and Science of Shopping Campaigns

Want to learn how to effectively use more space on the search results page and increase visual appeal, to better entice customers to visit your website? Learn from the experts about the latest innovative ad types and shopping optimizations.

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