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Neha Mohan

Senior program manager, Microsoft, Shopping campaigns


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Auto-tagging comes to Bing Shopping Campaigns

Yesterday, we touched on new tracking parameters that you can start taking advantage of for your landing page URLs to gain additional insights on your clicks. To continue to improve the way that Bing Ads manages your URLs, we’ve also rolled out widened support of auto-tagging to two ad products. With auto-tagging support for Bing Shopping Campaigns and Image Extensions, you can finally say goodbye to manually tagging landing page URLs for these features. We’ll cover more in depth what is changed...

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Product Ads campaigns: Transition plan

With the release and success of Bing Shopping Campaigns — a new and optimal way to manage your Product Ads — the next few months will bring you a series of phased stages to help you transition away from the old method of managing Product Ads. We’re excited to offer Bing Shopping Campaigns to help you connect with valuable customers in easier ways. With Bing Shopping Campaigns, you’ll save time and allocate your budgets more precisely with improved conveniences like enhanced reporting right down...

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Halloween Treats: 5 new features in Bing Product Ads

Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) are an amazing duo and they’ve both gotten better with a host of updates that we have made in October. The Bing Product Ads team is very excited to announce the launch of the five key new features below to help you shape your Shopping campaigns just in time for the Holiday Season. These new features can help you reach more users with minimum effort. Support for Used and Refurbished Products as part of your inventory Product Ads on Bing Mobile Beta!...

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Convert Product Ad Campaigns to Bing Shopping Campaigns

Ever since we launched Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) in July, we have been looking at how to make your transition from traditional Product Ads campaigns to BSC easier. As part of that effort, we are very excited to introduce a new tool: Convert Product Ad campaigns. If you have been struggling to find time to upgrade to Shopping Campaigns, this tool is designed to make your life easier. You’ll find this easy-to-use conversion tool under Tools, in the header at the top of Bing Ads: In the Tools...

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Bing Shopping Campaigns is now available to all U.S. customers

Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) beta was launched in April to participating advertisers. Advertisers tested BSC for capabilities that allowed them to organize, track, and manage their Product Ads in a more efficient and optimal manner. Thanks to our participating advertisers who helped to refine and shape the user experience, today, we’re thrilled to announce that Bing Shopping Campaigns is now available to everyone in the U.S.! Bing Shopping Campaigns will soon become the default campaign type...

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