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Julie Wymetalek

Global Brand Manager, Microsoft Advertising

BLOG POSTS BY Julie Wymetalek

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Over 1 billion people your marketing may be overlooking today

Would you knowingly exclude a potential audience of 1 billion people in your marketing? Learn why accessibility is a vital part of an inclusive marketing strategy. By not making your marketing accessible, you may be excluding nearly one out of every seven people in the world.

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Class act in sustainability

Read about an inspiring group of high school students: their efforts to battle climate change, how activism is core to their beliefs and how they leverage technology. Get inspired and get involved in Microsoft Advertising Sustainability efforts.

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Sustainability update: Creating a greener future one tree at a time

We’re pleased to share an update on our sustainability commitment of planting 250,000 trees in 2020 by highlighting some of the amazing ways our clients, partners and employees are supporting a greener future. Learn how you can get involved.

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