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Crystal Zheng

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Advertising

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Show your brand values: Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes

Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes help you differentiate your brand, highlighting unique attributes that showcase how you demonstrate responsibility, how your brand values align with those of your customers, and how your brand is being inclusive.

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Video Extensions: Stand out with eye-catching video ads

Leverage Video Extensions to promote your services, demonstrate your products, highlight reviews, or build your brand image. Eye-catching interactive video ads are one of the best ways to capture your customers.

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Increase products & services engagement with Filter Link Extensions

Get started with Filter Link Extensions, a powerful new ad extension available to all customers. With this extension, you can present many different features under categorized headers, so that users can quickly navigate to key products and offerings.

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Highlight deals with Promotion Extensions

Adding customizable special offers and deals to your text ads is a powerful way to stand out on the search results page. Learn how to leverage Promotion Extensions, now available for all advertisers in the United States.

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