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Travel company sees 75% increase in click-through rate and overall improved ROI

May 2015


Competing with other online travel agencies, knew it was crucial for its business to maintain a strong online presence. In addition to marketing tactics like in-store, radio and social media, integrated Bing Ads into its overall marketing strategy to see if it would help reach new customers and get more leads, and ultimately increase transactions and conversions.

Solution started using Bing Ads in 2013 as a way to turn clicks into conversions, increase online bookings and improve its ROI even further. found success using Bing Ads features like Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) in its search marketing efforts. The company also implemented Location Extensions, Call Extensions and Enhanced Sitelinks to power more conversions.

Results has seen strong results since using Bing Ads, with increases in conversion rates by 133%, clicks by 101%, and a boost in click-through rate by 75%. attributes some of this success to Bing offering a more relevant audience, unique features and access to data. This allows the company to optimise its search terms better and know which impressions generate clicks. “You’ll pay less, and the ads will be more prominent,” says Bin Tang, director of SEM at, about the Bing Network and implementing Bing Ads. “With higher revenue and ROI, it should be a main goal for all SMBs to use Bing Ads.”

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