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Pan Pacific Hotels Group books big returns with Bing Ads

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Learn how Pan Pacific optimized their campaigns with Bing Ads.

Advertising with a growth mindset

Pan Pacific company logo

With 40 properties currently operating in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America, Pan Pacific Hotels Group is growing as a company and expanding its footprint. The hotel group features two acclaimed brands: Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts and PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts. Search engines play a large part in the group’s growth-minded online marketing efforts. They’re used to increase digital marketing performance and drive brand awareness. Strategically expanding the use of paid search with Bing Ads allows Pan Pacific to reach a larger audience of hotel guests in different markets more easily, in turn driving direct revenue.

A broader search strategy

Faced with increased competition from other hotel groups and booking platforms, Pan Pacific Hotels Group was ready to try something different. It found performance on Google AdWords satisfactory, but they wanted to find new ways to drive greater awareness to potential customers and deliver more incremental revenue and value to the hotels.

Pan Pacific Hotels Group decided to partner with Digitas, a digital agency, which recommended that the company expand its search marketing to include Bing Ads.

Using Bing Ads to drive results

Two business men sitting at Pan Pacific club view, located at Pan Pacific Singapore hotel

Pan Pacific club view, located at Pan Pacific Singapore hotel.

This expansion, they reasoned, would bring with it a lower cost per click, higher incremental ROI, and some revenue growth from different audience groups. Working together, they helped Pan Pacific Hotels Group test Bing Ads progressively over the course of one year, ultimately matching what it had with Google AdWords feature to feature, including Sitelink Extensions, Callout Extensions and Structured Snippet Extensions. Digitas and Pan Pacific Hotels Group found no downside to matching Bing Ads with what they were running on Google AdWords. In fact, they found benefits to doing so. It wasn’t labor-intensive, and Bing Ads account managers were able to offer them a lot more support. The account managers helped Pan Pacific and Digitas explore new optimization opportunities, including better extensions coverage and device bidding.

We’re achieving our goal with less budget. This allows us to diversify our investments to a wider portfolio and more easily manage risks within platforms.

— Terence Wu, digital marketing director, Pan Pacific Hotels Group

Bing Ads increases ROI

Pan Pacific datatable

Bing Ads helps drive Pan Pacific Hotels Group revenue from paid search.

For this Bing Ads expansion, the original forecast predicted an increase to around 5% of revenue, but the result was greater than anticipated. Bing Ads exceeded the group’s revenue growth expectations by 100%. In addition, revenue increased disproportionately to spend. The Pan Pacific team saw this as an ongoing opportunity to benefit from the increase in ROI. Previously, the group had experienced only a small rise in revenue after increasing its spend on Bing Ads. This expansion with Digitas proved different. All Bing Ads campaigns worked as well or better than expected, with rapid improvements. What was the difference between this increase and the previous ones? Historically, Bing Ads accounted for 3%-6% of Pan Pacific’s revenue for paid search, always slowing down after a few months. This time, it climbed to 10-13% and stayed in that range going forward. That consistent revenue increase from Bing Ads was a welcome result, and one the hotel group wanted to continue to replicate.

Digitas continued to work with the Bing Ads team to further improve spend and revenue for Pan Pacific. As a result, Bing Ads is now a core part of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s always-on search portfolio, rather than an incremental investment. The Bing Ads success has been very well-received across the hotel group. The company is pleased to have found an alternative marketing opportunity that aligns seamlessly with its existing marketing strategy. According to Terence Wu, Pan Pacific Hotels Group's digital marketing director, “We’re achieving our goal with less budget. This allows us to diversify our investments to a wider portfolio and more easily manage risks within platforms.”

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