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Microsoft & iProspect team up for ‘Build-A-Bot’ workshops

November 2019

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Microsoft’s ‘Build-A-Bot’ workshops help iProspect generate new revenue streams

iProspect, the world’s leading performance marketing agency, teamed up with Microsoft for a ‘Build-A-Bot’ workshop. The goal was to use the power of Microsoft AI to create innovative solutions. In the workshop, they created useful new chatbots for internal use, which equipped them to offer the same solutions to clients.

Today was a great opportunity for everyone to get their hands dirty...not only behind the scenes in theory but deploying these bots out there into places like FB Messenger. We started talking about conversational platforms and what it really means for us to start building.

— Scott Abbott, General Manager, Scorch iProspect, Australia

Workshops open doors for agencies behind the power of a One Microsoft Solution

Microsoft Advertising, Office 365, and Microsoft Cloud-Solutions unite to support client solutions with a multi-faceted approach.

Standing by to help, as the “Citizen Coders” fed data into the easy-to-use Q&A Maker, were Microsoft Advertising  reps, Cloud Solution architects, and even Office 365 engineers who assisted with the Microsoft Teams deployment.

On the cloud-based Q&A Maker, teams had to decide which knowledge base of semi-structured content (FAQs, manuals, and documents) to upload to create a bot. After the upload, a working Azure Web App Bot was created that gets smarter as more users ask questions, all with no coding required.

Using the Azure Portal, teams downloaded and tested their bot before deploying it to Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other services. The winner was a human resources bot that engages potential new hires and answers their questions.

“Today was a great opportunity for everyone  to get their hands dirty…not only behind the  scenes in theory but deploying these bots out  there into places like FB Messenger. We started  talking about conversational platforms and  what it really means for us to start building,” Scott Abbott, General Manager at Scorch iProspect, Australia.

After the workshop, iProspect went on to create successful chatbots for several clients, helping them increase brand engagement. A new door opened for iProspect, as the teams bolstered their skillset with a valuable new tool to help clients increase revenue.

Download the infographic to take iProspect's success story with you.