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Mediaveille kickstarts audience strategy with In-market Audiences

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Plug-and-play audience targeting grows revenue and conversions

Targeting the Home & Garden market efficiently

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Mediaveille is a specialist acquisition and conversion agency based in Rennes, France. The agency works with a growing portfolio of national and international clients to develop their online strategy across multiple digital disciplines. ID Market is one of Mediaveille’s clients, focusing on home and garden products for the French-speaking markets across Europe. When Microsoft Advertising started its beta for In-market Audiences, ID Market presented the perfect account opportunity for Mediaveille to test, and the results proved extremely fruitful.

Read on to find out how In-market Audiences increased ID Market’s conversion rate by 13%.

In-market Audiences was super easy to use and is a very plug-and-play product to implement.

— Alex Rousval, Account Manager, Mediaveille

Pushing for growth

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Mediaveille had been growing the ID Market account online by focusing on the basics of account management and optimisation. However, at the beginning of 2020 the client was looking to grow more aggressively and so Mediaveille started planning for an integrated audience strategy which would target ID Market’s core customers with more precision in search advertising.

“We hadn’t really needed to develop an audience strategy as the account was already growing healthily with our core optimisations,” said Alex Rousval, Account Manager at Mediaveille. “But when we saw that Microsoft Advertising was releasing In-market Audiences, we thought this would be an easy first step which we could implement to reach new levels of performance and benefit the client.”

Plug-and-play audience targeting

The main benefit of in-market audiences that appealed to Mediaveille was its simplicity. Unlike some audience targeting products, in-market does not require any tagging or cookie pools to start delivering results.

“In-market was super easy to use and is a very plug-and-play product to implement,” commented Alex. Mediaveille started by opting into all available audience segments with a +15% bid modifier across the board to get started with audience targeting. After letting the campaigns adjust for a few weeks of testing, each audience was reviewed and assessed for quality. Bids were then adjusted in-line with performance. For high performing audience segments Mediaveille increased the bid modifier up to 20% and for poor performing segments, the modifier was reduced, or the segment was excluded from the campaign.

“This gave us the best possible spread across the whole of the Microsoft Advertising audience, but also gave us the flexibility to target specific audiences that were performing well to tune the optimisation of the account,” said Alex.

After five months or testing and refining, In-market Audiences is now a core part of the ID market search strategy. Between January and May 2020, In-market Audiences increased ID Market’s CTR by 9% and conversion rate by 13% compared to standard campaigns. In total, In-market Audiences accounted for 3% of the client’s total revenue, which contributed, alongside other optimisations to an overall 133% increase in sales.

“We were really satisfied with the results,” admits Alex, “we were generating revenue in a very short period of time and the increase to our conversions makes this a very strong product for any customer.” Based on the success of this product, Alex makes best practice recommendations across the agency, and is looking to implement dynamic remarketing for ID Market to further refine its audience strategy.

We were generating revenue in a very short period of time and the increase to our conversions makes this a very strong product for any customer.

— Alex Rousval, Account Manager, Mediaveille

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