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Logical Position leads by example

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Building community and cultivating compassion

Leading by example

With so much going on in the world, it’s more important than ever for people to help others. That’s why it’s inspiring to come across businesses and individuals not just working to be the best at what they do, but actively striving to make the world a better place. One such company is Logical Position, a full-service digital marketing agency, headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon. With offices across the country, this rapidly growing company has won numerous accolades as an Inc. 500 company, a Microsoft Advertising Elite Channel Partner, the 2019 Global Channel Partner of the Year and the #3 Best Workplace in the country (Inc.) They work with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, with teams built to work specifically with small businesses, mid-sized businesses and enterprise customers.

Building strong community relationships creates a positive feedback loop that inspires good feelings about community, coworkers, the workplace and what we’re all doing with our time.

Peter Gillon, Marketing Manager, Logical Position

The logical difference

Along with delivering a wide variety of services, what sets this leading company apart is transparency. “To build a relationship of trust, we’re very transparent about everything we do,” Marketing Manager, Peter Gillon shares. “We make sure clients always have access to their data, and can get under the hood to see what we're doing for them including campaign performance,” he adds. This transparency extends to employees, too. “Our open-door culture means accessible communication for everyone,” Peter says. “It's easy for an employee to talk with the CEO, because it’s really important to us that employees are heard and that their feedback is incorporated into decision making.”

The importance of giving back

For Logical Position, giving back is a natural extension of what they do. They actively look for ways to cultivate compassionate, community-driven activities, and inspire employees across all offices to participate. Their ongoing commitment includes supporting local communities, through volunteer efforts, donations, and pro-bono projects. “Building strong community relationships creates a positive feedback loop that inspires good feelings about community, coworkers, the workplace and what we’re all doing with our time,” says Peter. “Our aim is to instill lasting change. You might think giving has nothing to do with business, but a business is uniquely positioned to help with many people focusing on an area of need simultaneously. We spend a majority of our lives at work, so it's important to ensure that employees are growing as people and feeling fulfilled. That's a win for everyone.”

Upping the ante with ACES

To up level their giving efforts, a group of like-minded employees joined forces and created an internal philanthropic group called A.C.E.S. The group cultivates year-round opportunities for employees to give back to the community and have fun together around Activities, Community, Education, and Social. “Our ACES community was created by employees who wanted more involvement in their community, Peter shares. “This work is driven by our employees, and the entire company was really happy to support that.”

We spend a majority of our lives at work, so it's important to ensure that employees are growing as people and feeling fulfilled. That's a win for everyone.

Peter Gillon, Marketing Manager, Logical Position

Partnership for good

The team has seen first-hand how their efforts have positively impacted communities through partnerships with non-profits including the Sunshine Division, The Boys and Girls Club, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Toy and Joy Makers, The Special Olympics, and many others. Collectively they’ve donated to, participated in, and sponsored a variety of initiatives, including raising and donating money, running blood drives, providing food and clothing to families in need, back-to-school supplies drives, environmental beach cleanup efforts, donating gifts for kids during the holidays and kids impacted by the Camp Fire in Northern California, plus many others. Recently, they broadened their commitment by dedicating an entire month every year to working with charities that help children and families. In addition, they’ve launched an optional Volunteer Time Off Program, empowering employees to volunteer up to 40 hours a year for a wide range of selected community organisations during paid work hours. “We’re excited to continue supporting these organisations,” Peter says, “and we look forward to developing new relationships in our communities.”

Logical marketing

“Our ACES work is possible because of our growing success, which is heavily attributed to Microsoft Advertising,” shares Kevin Zechenelly, the Microsoft Advertising Partner Manager for Logical Position. “Client adoption of Microsoft Advertising isn’t a matter of ‘if’ for us. It's a matter of when,” Kevin adds. “We encourage all our clients to get on that network—it’s one of the first strategies we deploy for them. And the results are incredible. Clients are seeing a 30% increase in clicks and impressions driving traffic to their website. Every time we work with our Microsoft Advertising partners, awesome things happen. It’s really a full circle experience. Everything we do for clients and for communities, links back to our work with Microsoft Advertising. Microsoft plays a huge role in allowing us to do those things right.”

A powerful moment

“Logical Position was honoured to be recognised as a winner of the Microsoft Advertising Powerful Moments Contest with the prize being a trip of a lifetime to Abu Dhabi to attend the Opening ceremonies of the World Special Olympics,” Peter shares. “The trip was very memorable for me. It was an incredible experience of diversity and community, as well as my first time in the Middle East,” he adds. “To discover this amazing cultural environment and connect with the Microsoft Advertising community around the Special Olympics was inspiring.” The Special Olympics opening ceremony was overwhelming and uplifting for Peter. Watching the athletes file into the stadium and take their seats created an intense energy. “Seeing all of the emotion on the athletes’ faces as the ceremony unfolded was very powerful,” Peter remembers. “The commitment and dedication that brought all of the participants there, made the experience deeply meaningful for them, and very moving for all of us in the crowd.”