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Microsoft Audience Network: Driving lift in the Automotive industry

April 2021

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Microsoft Advertising Insights designed an experiment to test how incorporating the Microsoft Audience Network into your planning cycle affects performance, specifically for Automotive clients. Our hypothesis going into the experiment was that using the Microsoft Audience Network would drive a lift in engagement at every step of the marketing funnel.

Our strategy was simple: we compared online search behaviour between those who saw Microsoft Audience Automotive ads and those who did not. In doing so, we discovered that not only did engagement for Automotive ads grow across all three stages (awareness, consideration, conversion), but middle funnel saw the greatest brand lift overall. This makes sense knowing that most consumers will not buy a car online, but will do heavy research online.

Our survey proved that combining native strategies with your search strategy can help push consumers down the marketing funnel. Download our insights today to learn about how you can take advantage of our custom-built audience solutions, designed for reaching the right audience at appropriate times in their journey to purchase.

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