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 Furniture in a living room.


Castlery enhances lead quality with search advertising

Furniture company boosts success with Microsoft Audience Network

July 2023

A man checks his phone while waiting to board his flight.


Tours and Activities Ads boost GetYourGuide’s traffic

Explore how GetYourGuide has started pushing the boundaries of what paid search can do for your growth strategy.

June 2023

Two people with a laptop seen from behind sit in front of a window and chat.


Multimedia Ads help Imkey make the right impression

Explore how Imkey used Multimedia Ads to increase clicks and conversions and make the right impression while keeping costs low.

April 2023

View of a crane outdoors surrounded by containers.


Ritchie Bros implements a winning auction strategy

Discover how Ritchie Bros teamed up with their partners MarinOne and Microsoft Advertising to implement a strategy to drive traffic to low visibility items.

April 2023

Three women sitting on a couch interact with a tablet and smile.


lululemon increases online sales and maintains ROAS

Explore how one of the world’s most innovative athletic apparel brands increased their online sales and maintained a strong ROAS through Microsoft Advertising.

April 2023

A woman smiles and looks ahead while she's driving a car.


Auto Inventory Ads drive ROI for Dealer eProcess

Discover how Dealer eProcess utilized Automotive Inventory Ads to increase site traffic and decrease costs while reaching their ideal audience in the Microsoft Audience Network.

April 2023

A man sitting at a library works on his laptop.


Bank unlocks Microsoft Audience Network's potential

Learn how Societe Generale discovered the value of digital native ads and was able to acquire new customers while maintaining a CPA below their target.

March 2023

A man wearing headphones sits in an office space and smiles while looking at his laptop.


Shutterstock drives leads and ROAS in Japan

Learn how Shutterstock recognized the opportunity to reach a high-quality audience once Microsoft Advertising expanded to Japan.

February 2023

Several men in an office space work around a computer.


Envoy Media increases quantity and quality of leads

With the help of Microsoft Advertising and a combination of Automated bidding and Multimedia Ads, Envoy Media was able to improve the quality and quantity of their leads.

February 2023

A man with a green sweater smiles while holding up his phone.


Vodafone finds new channels to reach customers

Learn how Vodafone has been able to get a growing number of customers to buy their packages without ever speaking to an advisor or visiting a store.

January 2023