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Bing Ads shares a pint — and microphone — with Seattle’s search industry leaders

May 2016

As Bing’s Frances Donegan-Ryan quickly learned, these Seattle search engine marketing (SEM) experts were more than eager to serve up some keg-sized-kudos to the Bing Ads platform and team. On tap in this installment of What’s Brewing with Bing Ads is Universal Event Tracking (UET) and legendary service.

Molly O’Keefe (Nordstrom): You can tell a lot about the company and where they’re going just from the account managers and how excited they are. That’s kind of what you get from Bing Ads.

Allen Velton (Adobe): I really love the tablet bid modifiers and having that ability there.

Allen Venton (Adobe): And building these audiences out and using Universal Event Tracking (UET) and then things like that. That stuff is really exciting to me.

Maddie Cray (Point It): I think that Bing Ads has always thought a lot about how not just agencies, but advertisers in general, can continue to manage paid search.

Maddie Cary (Point It): Bing Ads is a great platform. I think there’s a lot of things that you guys do to give control to advertisers in a way that Google does, but there are certain things that you guys give as kind of extra levers.

Jesse Pham (Microsoft): I just really love that you guys have been taking some big steps like UET, and getting into that remarketing game. Really, this is some exciting stuff!

Maddie Cray (Point It): I get pretty excited about more dynamic ad formats, ways that we can advertise to people — knowing what they’re interested in and what they’re looking for and in that moment, and dynamically serving them the content that they’re looking for. Native Ads I find really fascinating.

Michael Fleming (Point It): The one feature I really like is how you guys do the voting on features that we want. We’re allowed to vote on them and you take them into account.

Allen Venton (Adobe): I love, first of all, how responsive the account managers are at Bing Ads when any issues arise. Or, just being proactive and sharing information with us.

Ethan Kisan (Nordstrom): The communication is excellent [with Bing Ads]. Pretty much anything that we need, they are there for us. They’re able to provide us with a lot of insights.

Katy Tonkin (Point It): I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it because you guys are all legendary — [I love] the service. The service is fantastic!

Michael Fleming (Point It): I like to say we work in the coolest industry. It’s so cool!

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Maddie Cary is senior client manager at Point It.

Allen Velton is account manager at Adobe.

Jesse Pham is marketing manager at Microsoft.

Michael Fleming is senior client manager at Point It.

Katy Tonkin is VP of digital marketing at Point It.

Molly O’Keefe is search specialist at Nordstrom.

Ethan Kisan works in paid search & shopping at Nordstrom.