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You have 5 additional months to migrate to Responsive Search Ads: deadline extended to 1 February 2023

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Actioning on direct feedback continues to be our priority at Microsoft Advertising, especially as we strive to support you during these unpredictable times when you may find yourself dealing with constant change from macroeconomic conditions, the evolution of the digital landscape, and more. We’ve taken action to make it easier for you to act on an important change for our platform. For those of you who’ve already migrated to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs), congratulations for future-proofing with us. For those who may still be working on the Expanded Text Ad to RSA migration, we heard your need for more time and have extended our timeline by an additional five months.

Now, starting on 1 February 2023, RSAs will be the only search ad type that can be created or edited in standard search campaigns. With the focus of this migration being to help you efficiently drive a stronger return on investment (ROI), Expanded Text Ads will continue serving along with RSAs, but we’ll no longer support the ability to create new, or edit existing, Expanded Text Ads moving forward. This is an extension from the previously planned 29 August 2022 deadline.

We continue to see an average of 7% conversion rate improvement for advertisers who’ve switched from Expanded Text Ads to RSAs using similar assets. If you’ve already completed this migration, you’ve taken an important step to future-proof with Microsoft Advertising, and we hope you’re already experiencing these performance benefits. If you’re still in the migration process, here are the two recommended approaches to start experiencing these gains by easily ensuring all your ad groups have at least one RSA:
  1. Use the Recommendations tab in Microsoft Advertising online to add AI-generated RSAs based on your existing Expanded Text Ad asset. You may take advantage of the auto-apply recommendations to help you automate the implementations.

  2. If you already have RSAs set up in Google Ads, use the Google Import tool to mirror your campaigns and ad groups with a couple clicks in Microsoft Advertising Editor or online.

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