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James Murray

Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising

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British Gas achieves powerful results with Responsive Search Ads

British Gas is Britain’s biggest energy provider, supplying gas and electricity to 12 million homes. Learn about how this utility company was able to improve its advertising efficiency and performance by using Responsive Search Ads powered by Microsoft AI.

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Are We Ready for Voice Search?

The year that voice search finally breaks through? We’re several weeks into 2015 and some New Year’s resolutions have already failed spectacularly, the optimism of just a few weeks ago replaced with the grim reality of getting back to our normal...

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5 Digital Themes All Search Marketers Should Be Thinking About

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting at the IAB Search Conference which, as always, was a fascinating deep-dive into the hot topics that the search industry is grappling with at the moment. This year there were presentations from Google (unders...

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Optimising UK Paid Travel Campaigns to Search Seasonality

Changing seasons, changing mind-set After months of dreary British weather there is definitely evidence that summer is coming. Evenings are getting lighter, the sun is shining more often and heavy coats are gradually being stowed away for another...

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