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The Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool lets you easily confirm that your search ads are showing up correctly on Microsoft Bing through Microsoft Advertising.

Don’t spend time entering your keywords on Bing to see if your ad is live, or worry about adding irrelevant impressions or clicks to your ad — simply preview your ad while managing your campaigns with this handy tool.

Quickly preview and diagnose your ads.

Why use the Ad Preview Tool?

The Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool gives you more than just a sneak peek. Take a look at all the ways it can help your campaign:

  • Useful diagnostics
    Get quick assessment and practical feedback. If your ads aren't appearing on the first page of search results, for example, our ad tool's preview and diagnostic capabilities can explain why and offer advice to get them there.

  • Mobile ads support
    Ad preview tools allow you to see and diagnose your mobile ads, plus use advanced targeting options to select from five different mobile operating systems.

  • Product Ads support
    Troubleshoot your products ads as well as text ads. If your product ads aren't displaying, for instance, you can use this tool to get a diagnosis that includes actionable feedback.

  • Preview bid changes
    Instantly preview the results of different bid amounts before making a decision.

  • Unaffected metrics
    For accurate performance data, don’t preview your live ads in Bing — doing so adds needless traffic that can cause measurement error. Instead, use our tool without influencing your stats.

  • Easy access
    Reach the Microsoft Bing Ad Preview Tool  within the Microsoft Advertising UI, or simply use it directly without logging into your account.

  • Customise quickly
    Easily change the tool’s target options by language, domain, location and device.

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