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Marketers are shifting their attention to refocus on what really counts: people. User intent from search and user profile data can be combined to create a powerful match between a person’s needs and an advertiser's offering to deliver greater performance. Meet the Microsoft Audience Network, an audience marketing solution powered by Microsoft audience intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI), and home of the new Microsoft Audience Ads.

Reach your ideal customer.

Massive reach you can trust

Reach a large audience through brand-safe environments or placements on premium sites including MSN,, Microsoft Edge and other partners, with more to come.


Boost performance, powered by artificial intelligence

The Microsoft Audience Network is powered by AI and machine learning to help deliver a terrific return on your investment. AI guides ad selection and relevancy matching as well as pricing, click and conversion prediction. Our programs are always learning and adapting to provide you with the best results.


Experiences that perform

Microsoft Audience Ads naturally blend into the core user experience and regularly outperform traditional display advertising.

Microsoft audience intelligence

What sets Microsoft Audience Ads apart is their rich user understanding that powers high performance. Microsoft audience intelligence consists of robust data sets, including search and web activity, LinkedIn professional profiles, demographics and more. The data is continually updated every second based on user activities. By mapping audience data on such an enormous scale, Microsoft audience intelligence helps us spot trends and uncover insights, both of which allow you to effectively reach your customers.

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