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TUI boost performance with Dynamic Search Ads in Microsoft Advertising

March 2020

TUI is a global travel company helping over 20 million customers enjoy their holidays around the world. The company has more than 50 years of experience in taking holidaymakers to over 180 worldwide destinations – from Spain to Shanghai and from Croatia to Costa Rica.

In a competitive industry like travel, optimising budget and advertising performance is critical to business success. Microsoft Advertising was able to help TUI France through AI solutions that uncovered new business opportunities. 

Uncovering gaps in generic campaigns with Dynamic Search Ads

TUI saw the opportunity with Microsoft Advertising’s new features such as In-market Audiences, LinkedIn Profile Targeting, ad customisers and unique extensions like image and action extensions. However, it was embracing the newly released Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) that truly boosted TUI’s performance on their generic campaigns.

“Even if generics campaigns were performing well, TUI were losing potential customers on long tail queries, difficult to anticipate, especially during the peak travel period,” said Alexandre Lombard, TUI’s SEA Project Manager. “By adopting DSA, TUI were able to uncover gaps in generic keyword selection and dynamically create ad creative to service that demand.”

Performance surpassed expectations and TUI experienced 50% higher conversion rates than standard text ads, at a cost-per-click rate almost on par with ads that had been manually curated. TUI reduced cost of sales by 27%, delivering incremental revenue at a profitable rate. 

“DSA now accounts for 25% of our generic revenue with a higher conversion rate and almost equivalent CPCs compared to our classic campaigns,” Lombard said. “This has been an incredible way to generate incremental revenue during peak seasonal periods on generic campaigns.”

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