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The evolving traveller: New consumer insights

November 2021

The 2021 Microsoft Advertising Consumer Travel Research Report looks at key trends European travellers are considering when planning to venture forth in current travel conditions.

Check out the report to discover the implications for advertisers to maximise strategies based on demographic and behavioural insights. Some questions answered include:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the way we plan a trip?
  • Is flexibility a new demand from consumers?
  • Does remote working provide an opportunity to blend work with travel plans?
  • What age groups plan to spend the most?
  • Where and what mode of transport are European travellers considering?

Download the Microsoft Advertising Consumer Travel Research Report to learn more about what’s top-of-mind for the travelling consumer today. Act now to maximise your advertising campaigns to reach the new online user searching for their next vacation!

Methodology: market research was conducted among more than 600 people in Europe aged 18-65 with travel intentions. August 2021. Microsoft Advertising.

 Download the research