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Younited Credit uses Bing Ads to increase its web visibility

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Discover Younited Credit’s innovative customer-centric approach

Driving core messages through paid search

Nestled among the galleries, cobbled streets, and department stores of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, and under the gaze of the world-famous Sacré Cœur, it would be easy to dismiss Younited Credit as just another European finance company.

The online loan platform is disrupting the financial services industry by providing an agreement in principle to online applicants within 24 hours. It’s this industry-leading speed that has positioned Younited Credit as a challenger to established but slower moving banks across Europe.

The business, which serves as an intermediary between professional investors and consumers, has grown significantly since it launched in 2011. To date, it has handled more than €500 million in loans, and expanded its business to Italy, in 2016, and Spain one year later.

For traffic manager Jean Lalau, who oversees the company’s paid search campaigns, ensuring that the brand’s core messages are clearly communicated is a top priority. But it’s Younited Credit’s spirit that motivates him.

“Younited Credit is an incredibly rich and diverse company located in the heart of Paris,” says Jean Lalau. “The passion in the team is electric. It helps ensure we remain focused on challenging the world’s largest banks and providing a better alternative to customers.”

Bing Ads is just one of the tools Jean Lalau uses to help increase web visibility. With a commitment to achieving the largest loan volume possible from his paid search spend, Jean Lalau is continually looking for inventive ways to interact with Younited Credit’s customer base.

“Paid search is fundamental to communicating with your customers,” adds Jean Lalau. “Bing Ads is critical in helping my team and I tackle the daily complexities of our business and increase our market share.”

Paid search is fundamental to communicating with your customers. Bing Ads is critical in helping my team and I tackle the daily complexities of our business and increase our market share.

— Jean Lalau, traffic manager, Younited Credit

Increasing the web presence

Photo of Jean Lalau

Jean Lalau, traffic manager, Younited Credit

The challenges Jean Lalau and his team face are significant, not least of which is the long process for onboarding customers.

To become a customer with the lending platform, an applicant must fill in a comprehensive online request form. “Once the form is submitted, a first agreement in principle is provided directly. Then, the prospect needed to provide its supporting documents through the platform. Once filled, a definitive financial agreement is sent within 24 hours.”

“Getting customers to complete the entire customer journey with us — from discovery through to a customer taking out a loan — is perhaps our biggest challenge,” explains Jean Lalau. “Increasing web visibility at key stages of the customer journey is essential to mitigating the chance of a customer not completing the process with us.”

Younited Credit has ambitious growth plans and to achieve this, recognises it needs to ensure that it converts a higher number of applicants. “We continually want to expand our market share as a brand,” says Jean Lalau. “To do this, we need to better understand customer behaviours, keep up to date with their evolving habits, and ensure we are targeting the right people at the right time. Enabling more customers to discover us is essential, but it’s just as important that we see them pass through the entire loan application with us.”

To address some of these challenges, Younited Credit has invested in a wealth of new services and features to transform the customer experience. New features recently introduced have simplified the way customers attach supporting documents during the application process and personalised the experience for young people or professionals under short-term contracts.

“Attracting new customers is my biggest priority,” explains Jean Lalau. “Since we started working with Bing Ads, we’ve seen huge benefits to our business. In fact, paid search is currently our most important acquisition tool. The visibility it provides allows us to capture the attention of potential customers that wouldn’t have discovered us through other channels. Furthermore, our ability to drive down the cost per lead with Bing Ads, means that our cost per loan is much better than with other platforms.”

Attracting new users with remarketing

To help Younited Credit increase its visibility online and reach its ambitious financial targets, Jean Lalau and his team have adopted multiple Bing Ads features, including Enhanced CPC, ad extensions, and Remarketing in Paid Search. These tools enhance the performance of Younited Credit’s ads and improves the precision by which the company retargets potential customers and accelerates the customer journey.

“We use Bing Ads Enhanced CPC to automatically adjust our bids to ensure we are targeting individuals that are more likely to convert,” explains Jean Lalau. “Enhanced CPC is a great tool for anyone looking to increase their campaign conversion rates and lower their cost per acquisition in real time.”

To further bolster the performance of his campaigns, Jean Lalau also takes advantage of nearly every possible ad extension available. “Optimising our ads in this way has had a transformational impact on how we build our ads. It’s allowed us to be much more creative and strategic,” Jean Lalau adds.

Jean Lalau and his team have been able to dramatically enhance the content of Younited Credit’s ads and the keywords they are associated with. “Since we started working with Bing Ads, we have been able to target potential customers far more strategically and advertise using a catchy logo next to a monthly repayment figure, for example,” explains Jean Lalau.

More important to Jean Lalau’s strategy, however, has been Remarketing in Paid Search. Younited Credit targets four core audience types:

  • Applicants who have been granted a loan.
  • Applicants who have been disqualified for a loan.
  • Applicants who did not complete the customer journey.
  • People who navigated the website without entering a customer journey.

To maximise the conversion of applicants, it’s essential that Jean Lalau has a strategy in place to reach each of these groups with a defined message and call to action.

“We now retarget each of these audiences to improve our chances of converting them at some stage during the customer life cycle,” Jean Lalau explains. “The breadth of the audiences we can identify and target through Bing Ads has helped us cement this as a core part of our paid search strategy,” Jean Lalau adds.

We want to keep developing our visibility on Bing. The Bing Ads team has always proved very available, acting proactively and always offering us quality support.

— Jean Lalau, traffic manager, Younited Credit

Achieving better conversion rate

Datatable displaying results

Younited Credit Data Table

Using Bing Ads, Younited Credit has seen remarkable results.

“Our conversion rate has increased by 5% since we started using the Enhanced CPC optimiser. At the same time, we’ve also seen our click-through rate increase by 5% from deploying ad extensions. This means 20% of loans generated by paid search come from Bing Ads,” Jean Lalau says.

And because of Jean Lalau’s position as traffic manager, he gets unique insight into different search engine variables, which he can use to direct future strategies. Jean Lalau says, “Compared to other leading search engines on the market, Bing Ads has a 30% higher conversion rate and a 60% lower cost per click.”

When discussing Younited Credit’s specific challenges, Jean Lalau believes that one of Bing’s strengths as a solution provider is its audience. “Looking at our goal of developing greater web visibility, the audience on Bing is more qualified and targeted, which is why a targeted approach using remarketing has worked so well compared to alternatives,” says Jean Lalau.

Bing Ads now generates a substantial share of Younited Credit loans at lower cost, helping it to increase market share. “We want to keep developing our visibility on Bing. The Bing Ads team has always proved very available, acting proactively and always offering us quality support,” says Jean Lalau.

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