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Law office generates leads with digital marketing solutions

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Agency Scorpion generates leads with Microsoft Advertising

Scorpion helps family law practice generate leads

As an award-winning digital marketing and technology company and Microsoft Elite Channel Partner, Los Angeles-based Scorpion helps local businesses acquire new customers. Scorpion offers a full suite of lead-generation services including web design, SEO, PPC, paid search advertising, social media, and more. To attain more qualified customers for their family law client, they looked to the Microsoft Advertising Network.

Our close relationship with our Microsoft Advertising team has been a huge advantage. They not only listen to our ideas; they have implemented them into their platform.

— Elliott Golbar, VP of Advertising, Scorpion

Scorpion delivers on promise of unique traffic and higher quality leads

Their goal was to generate as many qualified family law leads as possible and achieve a 3X to 5X return on investment. As part of the campaign, Scorpion also ran branded ads through the Microsoft Advertising Network to ensure that prospects referred by others could find their client’s law firm more easily. 

Scorpion chose the Microsoft Advertising Network because it offers greater value than other advertising channels. In addition to being more cost effective and yielding higher quality leads, Scorpion had found that Microsoft Advertising delivers unique and highly efficient traffic that provides excellent return on ad spend.

Strong results for family law practice

Within a thirty-day time period, Scorpion achieved a 19.8% conversion rate for its family law client, yielding a 6.45% improvement over the lifetime average. Additionally, the cost per click decreased by 9.35%, and they generated 2,734 impressions. Because of this success, today, Scorpion’s family law client continues to invest monthly in paid advertising.
We can rely on Microsoft to drive high-quality traffic and leads for our clients. We’re proud to be partnered with them.

— Elliott Golbar, VP of Advertising, Scorpion

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