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Myntra expands its customer base with Microsoft-exclusive Audiences

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Leading fashion platform gains a 20% increase in conversion rate

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Making fashion accessible for everyone

Known as India's most trusted shopping destination for fashion and lifestyle needs, Myntra serves millions of Indians. With approximately 7,000 fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands listed on their platform, Myntra services more than 27,000 PIN codes in the country. The company’s exclusive offerings—including the massively popular in-season product catalog, promise of product authenticity, and 30-day return policy—make Myntra the most preferred shopping destination in India. Myntra stands as the leading fashion platform, with campaigns that democratize shopping choices that empower consumers to create their own fashion statement.

Myntra also wanted to reach more qualified audiences and drive more conversions. To achieve these goals, Myntra used Microsoft Advertising to connect with exclusive audiences on the Microsoft Network and expand its consumer base.

By partnering with Microsoft Advertising, we could reach the ‘highly qualified’ audiences on the Microsoft Network and expand our consumer base. The campaign turned out to be gratifying, yielding us an increase of 1.8X ROIS from 2019.

— Akshay Ambardar, Assistant Director, Digital Marketing, Myntra

Leveraging top trends to stay ahead of the curve

A screenshot of a Myntra ad.

Given the diverse range of products, categories, brands, and sub-brands listed on the Myntra app, the company devised a targeting strategy according to the changing daily and weekly trends. The shopping campaign also focused on pushing the higher-performing campaigns with higher bids, and the automated bids ensured that the low-performing campaigns are eliminated. The top performing categories are highly promoted to extend the purchasing experience. Ad diversity for different categories such as ‘clothing’ and ‘accessories’ proved effective in personalizing the user experience.

A screenshot of a Myntra fashion ad.

Campaign optimizations such as keyword scrubbing, optimization of syndicate sites, and bidding are conducted on a regular basis, clearing redundancies and delivering an uptick in ROI. Extensive focus on generic keywords also helped the brand widen the campaign's reach.

As a tech-centric brand, Myntra showcased a 90% feature adoption rate on the Microsoft Advertising Platform, including:

  • Inclusion of ETA+
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Sitelink Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Structured Snippet Extension

Transformative results that drive performance

As a result of the campaign, the brand reached 61 million Microsoft users in India—noteworthy for achieving these results during the non-sale season—and achieved a 40% increase in return on investment (ROI). Through these strategic campaign optimizations with Microsoft Advertising, the brand witnessed a 283% increase in impressions from 2019 to 2020 and a 61% increase in sessions during the same period. Overall the brand witnessed a 20% increase in conversion rates with this campaign.

We've been aiming to reach out to the ‘highly qualified’ audiences on the Microsoft Network to drive contextual experiences. This campaign has paved the way to reach out to them and create an opportunity to connect with the right target audience. Reaching out to unique audiences resulted in a significant number of first-time users placing orders on the app.

— Akshay Ambardar, Assistant Director, Digital Marketing, Myntra

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