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Online retailer MyDeal nets holiday shopping bonus

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Achieves 389% YoY increase in conversions

A one-stop e-commerce shop serving Australia’s retail needs

As one of Australia’s leading e-commerce retailers, MyDeal offers a vast array of products from a variety of vendors, along with daily deals. With its constant dedication to providing customers with the best prices, the online retail marketplace vets every seller on its platform and constantly reviews their performance to ensure safe and secure purchasing for consumers.

Holidays are always a busy season for MyDeal. Aside from facilitating seamless buyer and seller experiences during this time, the online retail marketplace also manages its own shopping and branded campaigns. With its marketing team’s hands full, MyDeal enlisted Microsoft Advertising for guidance on reaching the right audiences amid this critical period.
Microsoft Advertising continually innovates on their platform. With this innovation, they enable us to test, measure, and explore new features that mutually benefit both our businesses.

— John Barkle, Head of Marketing, MyDeal

Targeting the right audiences during peak retail season

Microsoft Advertising audience solutions help advertisers connect to the people who matter most with the right message at the right time, and with the 2019 Christmas holidays fast approaching, MyDeal turned to Microsoft Advertising to help optimise its shopping campaign performance. The challenge was to stay within the confines of the current budget without creating too much effort. 

Taking on this challenge, the Microsoft Advertising team recommended the use of advanced audience targeting solutions tailored to the retail vertical to optimise engagement with existing users and improve targeting efforts. The team leveraged remarketing to re-engage with high value customers who had previously visited their website, reminding them of their interest. And they coupled this with in-market audiences, which are curated lists of customers who have shown purchase intent within a particular category, including searches and clicks on Bing and page views on Microsoft services. This allowed MyDeal to trial audiences without impacting spend or budget, and to make data-driven decisions as opposed to a grab for more spend.

Taking a customer centric approach

Because of this customer-centric approach, MyDeal experienced exceptional performance during the last quarter of 2019. With an increased spend of 378% Year-over-Year (YoY), the online marketplace generated a 300% increase in clicks. MyDeal also achieved a 389% YoY rise in conversions with the help of Microsoft Advertising’s advanced audience targeting solutions.

To date, MyDeal campaigns using Remarketing and In-market Audiences have outperformed campaigns not using these aggregated audience segments by delivering better, more efficient, and more targeted results.

Through understanding MyDeal’s pain points, becoming a trusted advisor, and suggesting a data-led solution for audience feature enablement, Microsoft Advertising paved the way for account efficiencies and opened up future growth opportunities for MyDeal.
Microsoft Advertising has a proven commitment to their clients’ business and advertising needs. Their insights, advice, and guidance is invaluable. That’s why Microsoft Advertising is a valued partner of MyDeal.

— John Barkle, Head of Marketing, MyDeal

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