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Leading fashion retailer achieves holiday success

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Dynamic Remarketing and The Microsoft Audience Network drive conversions

Driving incremental volume key to holiday sales

One of the largest leading US fashion apparel brands, the company sits at the forefront of fashion and technology. They believe in living for the moment, dressing for the moment, and having a strong individual style. And as a brand so focused on the individual, they needed a tailored approach to the 2019 holiday season to help them capture more volume while continuing to drive conversions.

By combining the Microsoft Audience Network and Dynamic Remarketing, the company achieved a 182% higher ROAS than standard search.


Audience targeting key to holiday season success

The 2019 Christmas holiday season was approaching, and the fashion retailer was looking to get incremental volume, while still maintaining their return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition (CPA) goals.

Their partner in advertising and marketing, Merkle teamed up with Microsoft Advertising to create a comprehensive plan to help the client achieve their holiday goals. The Merkle team met with Microsoft Advertising to get an in-depth 1:1 session on the Microsoft Audience Network to help create a custom plan for their client. The teams developed a recommended combination of products to help the client get the incremental volume they wanted while still optimising for their ROAS and CPA goals. The combination utilised the Microsoft Audience Network and Dynamic Remarketing.

The Microsoft Audience Network reaches hundreds of millions of people and allows brands to increase reach through brand-safe environments or placements on premium sites, including MSN,, Microsoft Edge and other partners. While the Microsoft Audience Network helped increase volume, they combined their efforts with Dynamic Remarketing which present ads to people who have already shown purchase intent signals for specific products advertised.

Holiday campaign results sparkle

Not only was the client able to get the volume they were looking for, but they improved their performance. By combining the Microsoft Audience Network and Dynamic Remarketing, the client was able to:

  • Decrease cost per acquisition by 75%
  • 153% increase in conversion rates
  • Achieve 182% higher ROAS than standard search

Overall, by combining the Microsoft Audience Network and Dynamic Remarketing, the retailer achieved a 182% higher ROAS than standard search, achieving their goal of incremental volume while increasing the effectiveness of their ads.

“The Microsoft Advertising team members were wonderful partners helping set up and test a brand new ad campaign with the Microsoft Audience Network and Dynamic Remarketing. Together, we crafted a comprehensive testing plan and saw tremendous success in the 2019 holiday season with these products! Thank you to this team for their continuous support and partnership.” – Merkle

By designing a tailored approach truly focused on achieving their business goals, Merkle and Microsoft Advertising helped the client achieve success during the ever important retail holiday season. After such tremendous success, they are now adjusting and scaling out this offering.

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Learn how a leading fashion retailer achieved incremental volume and increased return on ad spend with Microsoft Advertising during key holiday shopping season.

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