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Bing Ads Agency of the Year delivers 38% higher cost-profitability ratio to clients

October 2015


German digital marketing agency adamicus has a 12-year history of working with well-known fashion brands. It needs to reach potential customers looking for products and specific brands, as well as use search engine advertising to target groups precisely.


With Bing Ads, adamicus created campaigns that target different age groups depending on the brand, with campaigns lasting as long as there is demand. The goal was to attract new customers as well as keep existing ones, increasing turnover both online and offline. The company also implemented Bing Ads features like Enhanced Sitelinks to add description text below Sitelink Extensions that take customers to specific pages on client websites.


With its tough-to-please client base, adamicus achieved superb results, becoming Bing Ads Agency of the Year for 2015. With select clients, it has a cost per order 18% lower than that of Google AdWords, and a cost per click 24% lower. The cost-profitability ratio with Bing Ads for some customers was a significant 38% higher than with Google AdWords. "Not only does Bing Ads have a lower cost per click, it targets a different audience through the integration of Microsoft products in the workplace,” says Julia Leonhard, head of search engine advertising at adamicus. "We're planning to get further customers using Bing Ads and extend existing accounts, and we're looking forward to new products like Bing Shopping Campaigns."