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Get started with Microsoft Advertising

Are you a small business? Learn how you can drive more leads, phone calls, appointments, visits or purchases with Microsoft Advertising.

October 2020


Holiday 2020 Advertising 5-minute News Flash video series

5-minute video series showcasing valuable tips and tricks to help you and your clients connect with current and last minute shoppers.

October 2020


The Art and Science of Audiences + Automation

Learn audience and automation strategies to help you reach your best customers this holiday season and beyond in this webcast.

October 2020


Marketing with Purpose Playbook

A playbook with purpose-driven insights to improve advertising performance like purchase intent, by building more trusted, loved brand experiences.

September 2020


The Art and Science of Shopping Campaigns

Learn how you can use Shopping Campaigns to drive more customers to your products with engaging retail experiences in this webcast.

August 2020


Insights Live with Microsoft Advertising series

This series helps you understand your audience and make better-informed decisions about how to effectively adapt your marketing strategies.

July 2020


The Art and Science of Shutterstock and Microsoft Audience Ads

Learn how you can get free access to over 300 million Shutterstock images for use in Microsoft Audience Ads in this webcast.

July 2020


A Human-Centered Approach to Business

Humanise your brand by identifying shared values with your target audience and learn how best to connect to customers in this webcast.

July 2020

White paper

Digital advertiser's guide to COVID-19

Considerations for advertising during (and after) the new coronavirus from Microsoft Advertising.

June 2020


Global Microsoft Advertising Virtual Partner Summit

Adapting to change

May 2020