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Two people smile while working on a laptop.

White paper

A unified view of customer data for retail media programs

Shopping behavior has evolved in recent years, with COVID-19 disrupting how consumers engage with brands. Learn more about why unification is the future of retail media.

January 2023

A focused man working on his laptop.


Lenskart unleashes the power of Search to increase ROAS

Learn how Lenskart furthered its mission to increase their ROAS and to grow their customer base with Microsoft Advertising.

December 2022

A woman with brown hair smiles away from the camera.


Staying ahead with a data-driven strategy

Explore how Commerzbank stays ahead with optimized campaigns that put customers at the center.

October 2022

A young smiling woman in an office background.


Gemstone brand Angara spikes conversion rate

Angara: A popular gemstone brand spikes conversion rate by 37x and achieves a phenomenal growth with Microsoft Advertising.

September 2022

Image of a girl standing in the middle of a room filled with lamps and lights while holding a tablet and smiling.

Article triples conversion rate with Audience Ads

Explore how this home and living platform was able to boost conversions with a combination of Audience Ads in the Microsoft Audience Network.

June 2022

A woman leans her head on a young girl’s while they sit on a couch and read a children’s book.


Casa del Libro rewrites its advertising strategy

Learn how Casa del Libro’s pioneering use of the Microsoft Audience Network in Spain allowed them to boost transaction volume and cut CPA.

June 2022

A woman in a coffee shop uses her cellphone to pay the cashier.


Sembot cracks Polish retail market

Sklep Życia and Sembot decided to give Microsoft Advertising a try—and they didn’t regret it, after hitting an astonishing 1550% ROAS.

March 2022

A woman in sportswear sits on the floor of her living room.


Well Life grows sales with Multi-platform campaigns

Learn how Well Life has nurtured brand awareness, increased website traffic, and seen relevant sales growth with Microsoft Advertising tools.

February 2022

A hand opens a bottle of Royal Apple Juice, in the background, apples, glasses, wooden boards, and a second bottle sit on top a white table.


Royal Apple expands overseas with Microsoft Advertising

Learn about how Royal Apple used Microsoft Advertising to increase website visits, boost sales, and reach new audiences while handling everything in one platform.

February 2022

A young woman smiles while looking at a laptop.


Valentine’s Day top trends in the UK

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Learn about the top trends and searches, so consumers will fall in love with your campaign.

January 2022