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The Art and Science of Bing Ads reporting

Discover how to evaluate ad and keyword performance, track your budget and optimize your campaigns.

August 2017

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The Kevin Bacon approach to keyword attribution

Learn to discover which keywords are assisting in conversions, especially beyond (before) the last click.

August 2017

Two women speaking with a man in an office


The science of audience and attribution modeling

Start understanding the factors that influence your customers to take action.

August 2017

Man standing on rock cliff overlooking valley


How to brave disruptive digital transformation

Explore key trends shaping consumers of the digital age and how to use search as your modern marketer's multi-tool for digital transformation.

December 2016

Man and woman eating breakfast and looking at cellphone.


Humanize search to better connect with customers

Learn the three key trends of how the search experience is evolving and get tips for adapting your search marketing strategies.

April 2016