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Home & Garden overview in Italy and Spain

February 2021

  • Article
  • Research
  • Retail

Microsoft Advertising Insights analysed the 2020 Home & Garden category performance in Italy and Spain to see how the pandemic affected consumer interest. We’ve seen growth in this retail category across both markets, and expect this trend to continue into 2021.

Some trends we dive into in this report:

  • Search and click trends — how did 2020 traffic compare to 2019?
  • Audience profiles — how did the user age and gender profiles change throughout 2020?
  • Brand vs. generic terms trend — how did each of these term types perform year over year?
  • Bidding strategy performance — what automated bidding strategy garnered the most clicks?
  • Traffic source analysis — what sources drove the most traffic to Home & Garden websites?

Read more about 2020 trends in the Home & Garden category, and improve your campaign performance with our insights.

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