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COVID-19’s impact on the Home & Garden industry

March 2021

Microsoft Advertising Insights is following up on the reoccurring trend we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic, specifically across the European nation and the United Kingdom. Microsoft Advertising has seen a large surge in both overall search data and clicks in the Home & Garden category, most likely due to consumers spending more time at home. Search volume doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either, as consumer engagement has remained strong into 2021.

Some key findings from our analysis include:

  • Home décor/interior decorating was the top searched sub-category under Home & Garden for 2020.
  • Older demographics are showing more of an interest in Home & Garden than before (+30% in searches YoY and +39% in clicks YoY).
  • Home & Garden click forecasts expect growth to continue into 2021 and hit all time highs —spring is a perfect time for marketers to take advantage.
  • Dynamic Search Ads proved to be an efficient way to target consumers, producing 29% lower cost per clicks (CPCs) than other search tactics.

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