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Microsoft Search Network: Banking, Credit & Investments in Germany

February 2021

  • Article
  • Financial services
  • Research

Microsoft Advertising Insights analysed Banking, Credit and Investment performance in 2020 on our network. We looked at search and click trends, cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR) trends, the audience profile on Microsoft Search Network, brand vs. generic term performance, bidding strategies and a forecast for early 2021.

Some key findings included in this report:

  • While searches for traditional banking showed no significant differences compared to 2019, interest in investments increased. COVID-19, in combination with a period of low interest rates, sparked additional research on our platform for more risky investment types.
  • The economic hardship caused by the pandemic lead to an increase in searches for credits and lending.
  • In 2020, we noticed a slight shift towards a younger audience searching in these categories. CTR for branded terms increased in all three categories.
  • Banking and Credit advertisers largely adopted automated bidding strategies.

Read more about trends on the Microsoft Search Network for German Banking, Credit and Investment categories by downloading the insights below.

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