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Automotive category performance: Italy & Spain

January 2021

  • Article
  • Automotive
  • Research

Microsoft Advertising Insights asked the question, “How has the Automotive category changed throughout 2020 on our network in Italy and Spain?” We looked at traffic and click trends, audience profiles, brand vs. generic terms, bidding strategy and traffic source across both markets to provide recommended actions for advertisers.

Some key findings include:

  • The first wave of COVID-19 impacted the Auto category drastically, resulting in a decrease in searches and clicks.
  • The industry is showing recovery with recent months seeing an uptick in activity.
  • Generic terms account for the majority of searches and clicks.
  • Automated bidding strategies are seeing success on our network.

Read more about 2020 trends in the Autos category, and improve your campaign performance with our insights.

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