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Smart Campaigns in Microsoft Advertising are a simple and easy way for small businesses to advertise on the Microsoft Search Network. We'll use Microsoft AI to create engaging ads, help manage most parts of your ad campaigns, and make it easier to improve business results. Smart Campaigns work to continually improve your ad performance, so you can spend time doing what you love most — running your business.

This feature is now available in US & UK markets, and currently in pilot in Australia.

Connect with the people who matter to you in a simple and effective way.

Why use Smart Campaigns?

  • Simplified campaign setup
    Provide basic information, such as your advertising goal and what you want your ad to say and get started with Microsoft Advertising in a few clicks.
  • Automated ad campaign optimisation
    Save time with automation. Smart Campaigns work to constantly improve your ad around your goal, measure its performance, and show you clear, understandable results.
  • Expanded reach
    Connect with over a half a billion people throughout the customer decision journey by advertising on the Microsoft Search Network.

Get started with Smart Campaigns

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, how to get started, and other common questions.

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