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Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner spotlight

Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration, recognizing our Partner Tier.

Celebrating our partners is just one of the ways the Partner Program likes to highlight the hard work our partners have accomplished throughout the year. We have interviewed our Celebrated Partners from April 2021 to get an inside look at who these companies are, their history, objectives, and ongoing partnership with Microsoft Advertising.

You could be a Celebrated Partner too — nominations for Partner Celebration are now open until 20 October 2021!

Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, NL — Leadrs

Jordi Damen, founder, Leadrs

Tell us about your company — it’s history, current size, audience, and business objectives.

Leadrs was founded on 3 February 2013 by myself with the goal to help customers generate leads and increase sales. Everyone said that the effect of marketing is difficult to measure, but our drive is to offer transparency in which euro budgets result into sales/turnover.

To serve our customers we have two teams with multidisciplinary online skills and are working with 11 colleagues. The core of this is direct contact with our online specialists, a pragmatic approach, and help customers increase their online knowledge.

With Leadrs we help companies become the online market leader.

Jordi Damen of Leadrs.

Jordi Damen of Leadrs.

What is your company’s vision/mission/specialisation?

We work for clients who need a lot of leads, customers, and staff, and who have worked with agencies before but are now looking for a partner that integrates all online channels and possibilities. Focus branches are B2B and B2B companies where online and offline services go together, and the process from lead to sale takes longer.

In addition, the customer must have its own marketing department to tackle all activities together with us; we are going for long-term cooperation. Customers expect us to recruit customers or staff online at a predetermined price. We do this by showing, for the assignment, what the business case will be with all key figures: reach, clicks, leads and how many customers this yields for which investment. We also show what needs to be changed in the infrastructure/conditions to achieve this. We show this process in our interactive logo, where the C stands for Case (business case)/Concept and the funnel is the entire infrastructure that the customer has to deploy, [as well as], the euros that roll out in terms of more turnover from new customers, retention revenue from existing customers or attract new employees at low cost.

What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

The product features that we use are search, remarketing, and In-market Audiences to generate leads for our customers. Since we also calculate the entire process, from click to turnover, we see that the use of Microsoft Advertising, especially during COVID-19, generates new customers or employees at a low cost per sale — better than other channels we use. Hence, budgets have also increased during COVID-19 and customer outcomes have improved.

What differentiates you from your peers in the search advertising ecosystem?

The differences [between us and] other agencies are the personal involvement and transparency in the execution of work to achieve goals. We indicate, in advance, what the all-in costs will be. We also sometimes say, “it's like it's our own wallet.” For every euro we spend, we consider whether this yields the most return. Customers especially appreciate that we always work with their customer teams and transfer a lot of knowledge. We really help them build their own online department and the added value is in our strategic knowledge.

How does your company embody inclusivity and giving?

I’m most proud of our colleagues who realise it culture of inclusivity and giving. Customers really involve us in their business operations and share all figures and insights with us. This collaboration also leads to many beautiful friendships, where we also have many fun events with customers and colleagues every year to celebrate successes together.

Thank you to Jordi Damen for showing us how Leadrs’ unique methods, in combination with Microsoft Advertising, help customers go farther and learn more as a team. Don’t miss out on any of our other spotlighted partners as well as upcoming events for partners on every tier.

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The staff of Leadrs, a Microsoft Advertising Celebrated partner.