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Earn your badge: Digital Advertising Fundamentals

Onboarding new talent to your organisation can be a challenge in the current COVID-19 affected environment. If you’re hiring new people, they often need to be educated about digital marketing, our industry, or our solutions at a fundamental level before they begin to explore the detail of their new roles.

This is exactly where Microsoft Advertising can help! We’ve created a set of 4 introductory level, online and on-demand courses to help introduce people to digital advertising, Digital Advertising Fundamentals.

  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals: Foundations
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals: Search
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals: Display
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals: Shopping

What’s more, once the 4 courses are completed in order, you can earn a verifiable badge to share on LinkedIn!

Digital Advertising Fundamentals badge, received after completion of the course.

You can find the courses on the Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab, along with other great learning assets.

While ideal for new hires, these courses can also be useful for people within your organisation who may be new to digital marketing, search, or the other topics mentioned above. Also, if you have a colleague who has never worked on retail or shopping campaigns, that specific foundational course above could help.

Whilst you’re on the Learning Lab why not also check out our most recently updated content, included our exciting new Marketing with Purpose course which also allows you to earn and share a badge on LinkedIn.

We hope that you enjoy Digital Advertising Fundamentals, and that the courses become a useful tool in ramping up new team members or quickly educating people in your organisation on search or the wider digital advertising industry.